More local columnists coming on board!

In my last post I was curious about how The Coastie would develop in 2013 after the Summer Edition had been such a success for all involved, according to the feedback we received from readers, supporters and advertisers alike.

We are endeavouring to give our local economy a platform that we all have some ownership of. While we, the publishers, must balance valuable publishing space with production costs and advertising space & revenue, local advertising is currently the only revenue paying for production, printing, distribution etc.

The win/win/win idea
We loosely* follow a not-for-profit model whereby we put all our time to design, manage and produce a locally focused mini-magazine in full colour on good quality paper and deliver a weekly print-run of 1200 via local letterboxes, PO Boxes and local cafe’s and business premises.

The idea of local columns
Denise Etienne (Aureole) and Bill Senior (Ngunguru Motors) were the first two to catch on to the idea and accept our invitation to write a column for the Coastie. Grant Tromp (Tutor Lounge) came to the party early this year too. Something seems to be working, helping us to bring value to all involved.  The Coastie has now attracted the interest of two more people who would like to contribute their valuable writings for our local readership to enjoy. We'll be introducing them in the next few issues.

What’s very cool to me is that, although these authors give plenty of reader value through their writings, our columnists also pay for the privilege. In exchange for their commitment, The Coastie provides a small advert space like a signature attached to their column. This again, generates value for all involved; readers, writers and publishers alike.

Next, I am thinking of introducing a Sponsored Column model whereby a writer provides valuable content and the publishing space may be officially sponsored by someone with a commercial advert or someone who would like to simply support our local publishing efforts with some gratefully received cash+gst.
So yes, here’s that feeling of curiosity again, which seems to affirm  that we are on a good track with this local mini-mag publishing idea.

Thank you all for your kind support and interest to this point. Smile Check out The next Coastie coming to a (local) letterbox near you.

* Our business model is simple. Maximum local publishing value balanced with adequate advertising, quality design and publishing ethics, focused on celebrating local people, art and enterprise. If some cash is left over, we buy ourselves a coffee or two or pay us some cash for putting in a combined 15-20 hours of time and effort.